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Staff blog


An unpleasant guy came out this year

All of you, good morning that are looking forward to the staff blog update
It was the season when ... again hated person in question came out, huh
It is the kussa ... guy who is, and gives wind
I think whether there is the one that I understood with a title now
Okay, is "hekusambo"; is generally the guy called the harlequin bug
On a fine day, the window cannot open out
Guys invade it immediately
Will there be any methods to make good use of guys?
If one to know goes down, please tell me
But a thing is the evidence that winter is close in even if guys come out
I want it to be a mild winter in ... this year how long it will snow this year
P. Bad-smelling incredibly, but is produced when it washes it away when I have got that smell of the S harlequin bug after attaching edible oil
Oh, guys more seem to be killed in own smell

Pretty children of Tozawa Elementary School came for extracurricular study!

All of you, hello in the HP of "the Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village" that you are watching
 Noodles tatsu of the first grader of Tachido, Tozawa-mura swamp Elementary School came to Tsunogawa for extracurricular study on Friday, September 27
Noodles tatsu of the Tozawa small went around an elementary school or the nursery school in Tozawa-mura from morning and performed interchange, the facilities visit with announcement, children of the poetry and took the lunch break in a farm village improvement center in Tsunogawa and performed insect-collecting in around charcoal kiln in the swamp
Became diligent, and small noodles tatsu caught a grasshopper and a dragonfly, a newt frog to one hand with a net; the children still touch it in an insect and frogs, too, ... I was not able to touch it from a high school student
Noodles tatsu improves mushiho maeoshiteiru photograph happily

News of the event information!

All of Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano villages in HP that you are watching
Good morning
I will tell you about an event to be carried out this time in Tsunogawa in autumn
For Saturday, October 26, two days on 27th Sunday
"The seasonal city of the tozawa autumn" is held
In addition, the autumn seasonal city becomes held at the same time with "new side Festival"
≪Event contents≫
・Mushroom juice behavior
  ※I use delicious shiinamekoo produced in Tsunogawa
・Direct sales such as seasonal mushroom, Akino greens
・It is sold the artefact, preservation food a new side
・Sale of the Tozawa-mura special product
・Folk art announcement
In addition, as an event to have children please
・Stamp rally special product lottery
・Bacteria floor namekonotsukamidori
I perform nadomo
As a special event, ※27th Sunday 12:30 ...
The special lecture by "Tomoka Miura of the entertainer whom Yamagata lives" in is carried out
≪On the date≫
Saturday, October 26, 27th Sunday
From 9:30 to 14:30
Former Tsunogawa elementary and junior high school
In addition, I tell you with blog if new information becomes available
I look forward to the visit of many people

I did getting out kiln!

State in the kiln
Getting out charcoal
The work end! Thank you♪
All of you in the HP of "the Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village" that you are watching, hello ...
I tell you about a state of the kiln soup stock when two students did a charcoal making experience this time as "camping erosion control 2013in Tsukiyama" on Wednesday, September 4
It was hot iyaa ...
So that it turns out that have see the photograph, kka bright red in the kiln
That when it is a story of Tanaka of the charcoal making craftsman, there is not the temperature in the kiln that there is 1,000 degrees
It only approached a little, and should I have taken the meat which sweat gushed?
The students performed getting out kiln by three times of one while enduring to be hot
I baked it slowly for 48 hours and made hard charcoal, but because it was the kiln soup stock in 24 hours because I did not have the time this time, it had been charcoal fragile a little, but students adopted the tree of the Japanese oak of materials in oneself and seemed to be originally impressed very much as it was the charcoal which I did a kiln case, and it was possible for
  • To students, I gave a souvenir 20 good charcoal of the form and pyroligneous acid
It was a hot work fatigue state

A ghost appeared!

All of you that you are watching kept the HP of "the Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village" waiting for a long time so long
It is blog update for the first time in one month
I play truant for a long time and am sorry
I do the photograph of the good ghost this time in summer
Though even if say a ghost, is a ghost doing this time; ...
I cultivated it in the field of the improvement center side, but became gigantic when I did not adopt it as three weeks
It is awesome size so that it turns out that I have you see it in a photograph
It is bigger than my face said to that 1, Tsunokawa is big
※Because my face was stronger than ghost photography of the there and thereabouts, I compared ..., this time with the gangs chili pepper
After all the taste does not increase dull ... and stitch too much, too
In Tsunogawa, the days that it was easy to spend coolly increased at night recently with early in the morning
The snowy season when I came to see even a commercial here and there approaches
As the heavy snow like the fool continues for approximately here, two years, it is a thing wanting it to be this year in a mild winter
In addition, I want to update it soon
otsuketekudasainedeha where everybody is going as the turn of the seasons is easy to fall sick again
NPO corporation
Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village
Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village
481-1, Tsunokawa
Tozawa-mura farm village environment improvement center 1F
TEL. 0233-73-8051
FAX. 0233-73-8051
In the various places where it was damaged this time in Kyushu led by Kumamoto with various places damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visit it heartily.
gancho rou Tohoku! gancho rou Kyushu!
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