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H29. 06.10-11 Yamagata University fieldwork tradition vegetables cultivation and regional cuisine

Making soba!
The pizza dough-maru eye is difficult unexpectedly
I pull it other than a weed
I came with a pizza!
I see Tsunogawa

Village forest experience of the H29. 2.19-20 court noble Kagawa Memorial snow

Together play with snow (^^♪
It is ko ranaiyonaa ... so much in Tokyo

The Mt. H28.12.10-11 size FW creation sum drum and the village forest experience first of the winter

The beautiful color of the Tsunogawa turnip!
I was used to the way of using hands of dishes, too♪

H28.7.10 The Yamagata University fieldwork second (group ♪)

I experience regional cuisine happily♪
The preliminary arrangements are silent…
I eat afterward!
Yes, it is this, the guy in question
The making of team furrow
Frog capture♪
... which is hot and humid, and lacks in sweat

H28.6.25.26 The Yamagata University fieldwork second

For an edible wild plant to a dense forest♪
I do not see red ♪ I do not see blue♪
I cook an edible wild plant deliciously
It is a lecture about a history of Tsunogawa
Yo which will cut a cedar from now on!
I hit the branch
I hit the branch
Charcoal making experience

Court noble Kagawa Memorial child Country experience H28.5.28-29

At first it is ... from rice-transplanting
Well, I catch it, side dish ... of the dinner
Indeed bait is an earthworm?
Patience, patience
A big catch!
What entered?

Yamagata University fieldwork first H28. 5.28-29

I challenge edible wild plant dishes!
Visit to Kakizaki lumber mill
I hit the branch! (sweaty…)

Sendai-shi Tateyama Tanaka school education trip H28. 5.17-18

Rice-transplanting 2
Rice-transplanting 3
All are very good
Chocolate fondue (laugh)
Keep being zenta ...! To the biotope!
Is it any ~ which there is? I am I frog hakira ...
I let you lay the rice after the work!
Clear leaving school in midcourse village type

Tsukiyama Geopark design inbound tour H28.03.11

I meet you by snow like a snowy district
At first it is the explanation of the process♪
A sled! !
It is a world record by a sled!
Is such a feeling all right for the face?
I was able to do it well
With hair♪
Go into motion!
Handling of mallet such as the copybook.
I make leases
Is that it meets the tastes of you ~?
I offer hospitality with regional cuisine

Tsukiyama Geopark design inbound monitor tour H28.03.04

It has just begun…
Gloves, pants, boots, equipment completion!
When I climb it…
I am yahho ...
Then it is ... mpu
Though the sled is good, too, as for the art...
... which was made
Cheese together high as for the instructor!

Yuki Kadokawa corridor story 2016 H28.2.21

A morning whole meeting!
Put a feeling on a writing brush!
The last adjustment of the snow wall
As for the next, I would like this!
Tender light
Is it Tsunogawa dragon King legend?
Be turned on!
I declare the opening of a meeting than a village mayor.
The zoni of the local mother handicraft is the best at cold night!
Next year again…
The grand sight

Court noble Kagawa Memorial child Country experience H28. 2.20-21

The snowshoe ties up a string well!
Is here top?
How many people do you put it?
A big slide!
The local uncle flinches, too (laugh)

Miyagi University of Education foreign student! H28.2.14

I prepare it together!
Do you like the edible wild plant?
How is the taste?
I serve it together
Let's eat

Mountain size fieldwork H28.1.9&10

It is flattered oops-a-daisy
I can enter Kamakura so a lot!
The snowshoe is the first experience, too! How to wear is difficult…
I do my best! Oh!
All performance
Completion safe from an exercise to a performance
With the member of the drum!

It is equal school H23. 5.18-19 in a blue Imperial mausoleum

... which progresses when I cooperate together!
Multi-ohazushiteimasu of the bed for rice seedlings
This is creature observation ...
This group goes for spring edible wild plant collecting
uo - edible wild plant dokoda ~!!
... which I saw it and found! An impression!
Scenic, comfortable ...!
Meal scenery that it keeps all

School H23. 5.19-21 out of the Tateda, Sendai-shi child

Irimura-style state
Dry field farming business conditions omen 1
Dry field farming business 2
Rice-transplanting work muddy as for this
As for this, lotus root kutsu rino with the muddiness looks
It is the kinda chino state of the mushroom
Creature observation of the spring waterside
Finally, I cancel even rain
It is regional cuisine lunch together

Sendai City seven volost junior high school H23. 5.24-25

The first hoe errand
A circle is very good, you
Let's plant it together
Delicious vegetables ninattene!
A child is a genius of the play
The foot water which footbathing does not become?
The rice after the work is delicious
It is regional cuisine lunch which was cooked all from ingredients to miso of the miso soup in a hometown
NPO corporation
Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village
Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village
481-1, Tsunokawa
Tozawa-mura farm village environment improvement center 1F
TEL. 0233-73-8051
FAX. 0233-73-8051
In the various places where it was damaged this time in Kyushu led by Kumamoto with various places damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visit it heartily.
gancho rou Tohoku! gancho rou Kyushu!
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