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Farmhouse guest house

Farmhouse guest house Abe

Farmhouse guest house Abe
Farmhouse guest house Abe
Guest house name    Farmhouse guest house Abe
Representative name Abe foster child
The number of the rooms    2
Room type Japanese-style room
Capacity     Five people
Reservation    All year
      (in the case of a possibility, there is even the day of the remarks, but please contact me beforehand by all means)
Inquiry TEL 0233-73-2160 (I may be out)  
・Reservation ex-chief priest place 1469, Tsunokawa, Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata
Tozawa-mura route bus (line at the same level as a mountain) 
Public hall (sawauchikouminkan) getting off in 17 Banzawa
Here is recommended! The PR of our guest house!
Spring - bed for rice seedlings work, rice-transplanting, edible wild plant collecting
Crop, weeding, having a swim in a river of summer - vegetables
Harvest of autumn - vegetables, experience to inekari rikara beideka, mushroom crop
Winter - play with snow, the making of Kamakura, the making of regional cuisine
Rate     7 yen with one adult (evening, morning) with half board, 000
        Lunch can perform reckoning separately
Others    To check-in 13:00-17:00
       Until check-out 9:00
       The agriculture experience-based hoping person, please bring the clothes for the experience
NPO corporation
Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village
Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village
481-1, Tsunokawa
Tozawa-mura farm village environment improvement center 1F
TEL. 0233-73-8051
FAX. 0233-73-8051
In the various places where it was damaged this time in Kyushu led by Kumamoto with various places damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visit it heartily.
gancho rou Tohoku! gancho rou Kyushu!
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