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Staff blog


It is equal education school in a blue Imperial mausoleum

I put up the mud of the rice field side gutter
Students listening to the story of the charcoal making uncle (laugh) seriously
The student who sows green soybeans (friend of the liquor)
All of you good morning
As I played truant from update a little and was, it was two same blog up
Of "equal education school in a blue Imperial mausoleum" who came in the schedule of 2 days and 1 night on Thursday on Wednesday, May 15, 16th an activity introduces
"Equal education school is the school of the regular customer becoming the fourth in this year in a blue Imperial mausoleum"
It was Wednesday more than 50% of probability of precipitation by the forecast for 15 days and I felt nervous and throbbed,
After all students, an everyday act of teachers will be good grace
Rain did not fall at all and, on the contrary, sunlight glared down and became the hot weather
In addition, all the students of the equal education school are only vigorous, obedient good boys in a blue Imperial mausoleum (every year)
I advanced from the oneself and performed any activity, and there was the student who wrestled hard so as not to stop an activity even for a break either
It was weather not to become clear by cloudy sky from morning on Thursday on 16th, but it did not rain
There was the group which carried out a menu at the time of the rainy weather just in case, but was able to perform an activity in the hardly outside on schedule among them
※As for the state of the activity, please see a photograph
At first it is that greetings are splendid I let you go through on 2nd, and to have thought
"Thank you," I was surprised that I came out immediately "good morning" "today"
The students of other schools said hello, too, but felt it particularly fantastically
In addition, there was the student who "thank you for the delicious meal" said in mothers who "thank you for the delicious meal" made it in the case of tableware putting in order personally in the group; is splendid
A change has occurred under the influence of the landslide in the Tsunogawa Hongo district many times this time
I caused teachers, Kinki Japan person in charge trouble each time.
I'm sorry.
In addition, I was saved thanks to gentle words of Mr. Tezuka, appropriate correspondence of Fujiwara very much
Thank you

Chomeigaoka junior high school

All of you, good morning in the HP of the Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village that you are watching
It became slightly late, but introduces an activity of "Chomeigaoka Junior High School" that visited Tsunogawa on Friday for from Wednesday, May 8 to 10th
"Chomeigaoka junior high school" visited Tsunogawa by the trip of 3 days and 2 nights this time
68 students of a lot of spirit,
Including "charcoal making, village forest walk, biotope, thinning, branch beat field" had various experiences
For the procurement of the tree of "the Japanese oak" making charcoal in the charcoal making experience to the mountain
By the village forest walk, I took a walk through the walk way of the allotment while looking for an edible wild plant
Creation of the biotope that is new using a creature investigation, a scoop using a net in the biotope
I hit thinning, edada chideha, a saw, the branch and am maintained the village forest of Tsunogawa using a saw
The field performed shuimo* eo of the potato
The students looked awkward in a tool and the first experience to use for the first time first,
I was used immediately and was active happily
In addition, as it was the trip in 3 days and 2 nights while there were many schedules of 2 days and 1 night recently,
"I want to already stay for 1 nights" on the last day because I was able to interchange more than usual in the foster parent point
I heard the voice called this, too
Come to everybody, Tsunogawa of "Chomeigaoka Junior High School"; and thank you ...
Thank you in the next fiscal year

Briefing session prior in Tagajo second Junior High School

All of tsunokawano villages in HP that you are watching, hello ...
I went for a prior briefing session to Tagajo second Junior High School that was in Sendai-shi this time
"Tagajo second junior high school" visits Tsunogawa in the schedule of 2 days and 1 night on Friday for from Thursday, next month 23 to 24th
147 cheerful students seemed to perform prior learning about Tozawa-mura from the time of the first grader
In the case of a briefing session, I saw the state of children, but the boys who seemed to be obedient, and were good were able to see it
Oh, word that intended to be ridiculous, and said was performed through of, but ...
I prepare everybody, mmeegottsuo (delicious feast) in the Tagajo second a lot and wait
Comfortable shiminishitedekerona

Yamadai FW presentation

All of you good morning
Yesterday, I went to Yamagata University for presentation (public relations) of FW in the first half year
iyaa ..., I who was great are in charge of FW of Tsunogawa, and five years pass,
Students gathered so far so as to compete for 1, 2 ※You should have taken a photograph
Teachers of the charge including Mr. Oda added pressure how long and advertised it and were able to just call
I am not so good at talking in public, but want many students to come to Tsunogawa!
I gave presentation for one feeling called this with effort
In Tsunogawa, I perform it at the capacity of two programs, both 12 programs this time
"It is with a photograph" and introduces the states of the activity later

2013 education trip and Yamadai FW acceptance plan

All of you good morning
After our group received education trip, Yamadai FW, too,
It was early that time passed, and another eight years passed
The education trip received 612 four schools in 2012
I had I performed two lectures in Yamadai FW, and a total of 34 students take lectures
I accept following school in 2013
Chomeigaoka junior high school Sendai City for from 8 to 10 on May (53)
  A school-like equal education in Sendai municipal institution blue Imperial mausoleum for from 15 to 16 (140)
  Second junior high school Tagajo City for from 23 to 24 (146)
 In addition, I have one tentative reservation.
In addition, Yamadai FW
≪The first half year≫
①"Edible wild plant dishes and a U.S. made experience"
 June 1, 2nd, June 29, 30th
②"Summer vegetables structure and regional cuisine & making soba experience"
 June 15, 16th, July 27, 28th
≪The latter period≫
③"The way sight-seeing of & mountaineering ascetic made with Imoni & creation pizza"
 October 26, 27th, November 9, 10th
④"Winter village forest and matagi culture"
 December 7, 8th, January 11, 12th
I assume all which are 4 lectures mentioned above 12 capacity
Blog introduces the state of the activity with a photograph later
NPO corporation
Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village
Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village
481-1, Tsunokawa
Tozawa-mura farm village environment improvement center 1F
TEL. 0233-73-8051
FAX. 0233-73-8051
In the various places where it was damaged this time in Kyushu led by Kumamoto with various places damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visit it heartily.
gancho rou Tohoku! gancho rou Kyushu!
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