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Staff blog


The last school festival

Temperature strongly fell, and the time of dusk became quite early, too
As this summer was hot, the recent temperature is worthy of a body
The children of the Tsunogawa district fall sick for a change of the rapid temperature, too, and catching a cold increases
By the way, "the school festival" of the Tsunogawa elementary and junior high school last is held on Sunday, October 28 of the end of this week
... deeply impressive thing has the Tsunogawa elementary and junior high school which is my old school with the closing a school in this year
I assist the school festival as the staff, too
I want to enjoy a drama and a chorus, the ensemble of last school festival ... children

I appreciate your supporting you

Our homepage did an entry, too
"Good kid blog Award 2012"
You have you read it, and thank you for voting again
It is an extract of the comment that I had,
・I think that the design of the top page may match a concept.
・There is quality of being a handicraft very much and thinks that it is a homepage warm.
・It is the place that is full of nature, and is good. I knew a lot of guidance in the photograph well.
 I wanted to go for shooting personally.
・A design to be excited about which there was totally in a forest was very impressive.
・I had a good feeling toward the design which let you feel Nature to be and the abundant photograph gallery.
・An atmosphere came at first sight and was made to want to go.
・Is orthodox constitution, but how splendid Country experience is; is tsu with a photograph image
 I do it and come. I see it and become the pleasant homepage.
I have nado, comment to encourage you very much and am glad very much
However, if I say that HP of other all of you is great
 (you can look at it from the banner of the award of the side link)
The tsunokawano village must do its best, too
In the future more effort oshitemaishimasunode, the Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village, please

Wind of the early fall

All of you hello - tsu hahhahha
"It is a mystery man that you are waiting impatiently for"
"e? It seems to be handsome!"
 ↑Yes, nobody says it.
By the way, by the way, slow update same as before continues, but does not want it
The tsunokawano village is at the climax in autumn, too
It is inekari rino season
Taste of a lot of tapioca nito will do it in a chestnut to a persimmon on a pear in a mushroom to new rice from now on on the new side
↑Yes, one is strange; entered
I am tsunokawano village nimooishiimonohaippa ...
Please come to play
Here one news
I, mysterious man ...
It is ... at last
I announce it
"City of the tozawa season" autumn
It is Sunday holding for 28 days on Saturday, October 27
"I'm sorry in development according to ... promise"
On the day you make it full with a new sobayanameko stew, and return!
I am waiting all ...♪

... (charge: Hayasaka) that it is update of the I haven't seen you in a long time

All of you in "Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village HP" that you are watching
Sorry to have kept you waiting very for a long time
After an interval of approximately two months, I am in charge: It is update of the HP by Hayasaka
It is hard for me to write diaries regularly
I asked for the picture diary of the younger sister for a rest to the very limit and, in the days of the primary schoolchild, was writing it
I'm sorry, it is not made an excuse, ...
Oh, let's change ... and ... topic
This summer is ... abnormality, when it is an average year, heat is settled when "the Shinjo festival" to represent Shinjo-shi is over
Heat more than 30 degrees still continues
Is everybody not ruined by heat of this year?
I eat the vegetables which I picked in a field in every day and get over heat
Everybody performs hydration diligently, too, and let's survive the lingering summer heat of this year

I am sorry not to update it very for a long time

A mystery man: "wa - hhahha, ..."
: "... ...."
: "Update nakutegomennachai"
: "I am busy London Olympics or ... and am ...."
: "...."
: "I forge it from the beginning again again to be able to make use of this reflection at the time of next riodijaneiro!"
(worth w which I do not update for ↑ another four years)
Yes, for reason, it became the update after a long absence
I will do my best Hayasaka ... of the charge
By the way, by the way, is each places of the whole country; of the lingering summer heat seem to be severe, but the konotsunokawano village is an extremely hot day day after day without exception, too
However, the rice of the rice field began to hang down an ear of rice and signs of autumn were by little, but entered in a felt season.
At the tsunokawano village, various preparations have been already fixed for an education trip activity of the spring of next year
: "Anyway nothing can do it because of snow from December through March"
An inquiry and the reservation of the education trip of the next year have already entered, too and it seems to liven up again in next spring and is the village of the river in the summer
: "Does spring not have it early?"
(too early ↑ yes)
※Around the third week of May is the situation that becomes hard to make a reservation in an average year.
As for school and travel agency thinking of an application, I would like an early reservation.
NPO corporation
Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village
Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village
481-1, Tsunokawa
Tozawa-mura farm village environment improvement center 1F
TEL. 0233-73-8051
FAX. 0233-73-8051
In the various places where it was damaged this time in Kyushu led by Kumamoto with various places damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visit it heartily.
gancho rou Tohoku! gancho rou Kyushu!
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