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Sweet potato mashed sweet potatoes

 This dishes to introduce
It is "a sweet potato mashed sweet potato".
This is a handmade dish of mother of the Tsunogawa district, too.
This "a sweet potato" and "a lemon" and "an apple"
I seem to enter.
"Can easily do it from mother who had make it," tono
If there is an opportunity as it was a thing, you are going to tell me.
It was secretariat numa.

Handmade yokan

 A lot of one where mothers of the Tsunogawa district are good at cooking
Various delicious feasts appear when I ask greetings!
 It is yokan of "the handicraft" to introduce this time.
Not only the taste but also the personality seemed to be reflected on easy sweetness.
It was secretariat numa.

Is it back festival today?

 On April 4, say "back festival" today; and circulation hina an adult
I seem to do it. It was equal and worked as such me.
It is introduction shimaasu in the precious soil babies which showed me with one house of inside.
I was moved for flavor different from the modern young bird again.
It was secretariat numa.

Hina circulation of the Tsunogawa district

 Today's Tsunogawa district from morning children a rucksack
To assume a background, and to see the Dolls' Festival in each family; lap runodesu.
Why do you walk with a rucksack and a background?
It is said that I get a cake from each house after having seen the Dolls' Festival
That there are Halloween-like manners and customs and to put the cake and walk; a rucksack
I carried it on my back and went around each family.
It was secretariat numa.

I am taken care of from today.

 From today at "Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village"
It is numa of the secretariate who is taken care of.
When can tell you about information of Tsunogawa at any time in future; omoi imaasu (^O^)
At first the hina doll which is beautiful at the home that I went round for greetings today in a district
I showed me.
 As the so Mogami area still has snow in March, and there is not a hina doll
Tomorrow on April 3 is hina doll ninarunodesu!
NPO corporation
Country experience private supplementary school tsunokawano village
Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata larger section of a village
481-1, Tsunokawa
Tozawa-mura farm village environment improvement center 1F
TEL. 0233-73-8051
FAX. 0233-73-8051
In the various places where it was damaged this time in Kyushu led by Kumamoto with various places damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, I visit it heartily.
gancho rou Tohoku! gancho rou Kyushu!
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